We are back again with another trend alert for all you lovers of contemporary style! One design that just keeps popping up on interiors and exteriors everywhere at the moment is the chevron pattern, or lozenge shape tile as it is also known as. When it comes to a proven favourite, this pattern has been around since 1800BC! It was first seen in archaeological pottery designs from the palace of Knossos on Crete and is still popular today! The emphasis on symmetry that it brought launched the chevron to the forefront of style, and now it is a foundation motif for fashion in interior design.

A strong, contrasting chevron pattern is ideal for feature walls in bathrooms, fireplace walls and splash backs. It also looks great on floors with our more muted natural and greige stone tiles colours. The designs look intricate but the simply shaped tiles are manufactured to fit together effortlessly with subtle changes in tone and texture.

Chevron tile pattern - bathroom 2
Chevron tile pattern - kitchen 2
Chevron tile pattern - floor 2
Chevron tile pattern - kitchen 3
Chevron tile pattern - bathroom
Chevron tile pattern - bathroom 3

Take a look below at some of the possible laying suggestions for the Colletiva Losanga range of tiles, which Naturally Tiles imports direct from our supplier Edilcuoghi Ceramiche in Italy.

Colletiva Losanga from Edilcuoghi Ceramiche
Pattern laying suggestions:


Stoneware: Porcelain
Thickness: 10mm
Size: 3 7/8″x 18″ (9.75×45.6cm)
Available colours: Black, White, Greige, Natural and Grey

Edilcuoghi logo

Edilcuoghi is a ceramic brand, made in Italy, specialised in the interior design sector and offers surfaces for the home, bath, boutique and hotel. It includes a broad range of floors and coverings, available in various formats, colours and surfaces, which combine contemporary design with modern technology.

For the best results, always consult Design Consultants Heather or Patsy to ensure you are getting the perfect tiles for your requirements, whether tile size, combination, finish or functionality. Sometimes less is more, but a trained eye will help get a superb result every time. Contact us today to discuss your Chevron utopia! 

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