Trend Alert: Rombo Tiles

Looking to be daring with your wall and floor tiles? We’d like to introduce you to a key tile trend of 2017: geometrics. From repeated triangles and circles, to hexagons and stars, simple geometric patterns are stylish statements on floors, walls, bathrooms or living spaces – you name it!

Geometric tiles have been around for a long time – from the intriguing patterns of the Taj Mahal to the fascinating symmetrical designs at the Moorish palaces of southern Spain. Today’s styles play on this history to capture a sense of nostalgia, while modern twists such as sculptural qualities and 3D effects literally add a whole new dimension to the trend. Whether you opt for a design which is soft or neutral in colour or go the full monty and infuse bright colours with the prints, geometrics are certain to brighten your days with their chic look.

The ‘Rhombo’ (or diamond) shaped tile has a wide appeal and can be used in three popular layouts; Chevron, Argyle, or Cube. The laying possibilities with colour and patterns are endless! In store, we stock the ‘Rombo’ shape in the Essential collection from Ariana Ceramica Italiana. These tiles come in a variety of shapes in a natural colour palette. Neutral timber-look tiles have proven over and over again to be a classic favourite when creating a timeless look.

Take a look at some of the tile layout options below!

Essentials Collection

Rombo Tiles Rombo Tiles
Rombo Tiles Rombo Tiles
Rombo Tiles

Stoneware: Dry-pressed porcelain
Thickness: 7mm
Size: 30cm each side
Colour: Almond, Beige, Oak and Grey

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About Ariana Ceramica

Ariana Ceramica, situated near Modena, northern Italy, produces original and elegant ceramic products. Since being founded in 1967 they have kept in touch with interior design trends and with the addition of exclusive technologies, can offer unique and distinctive furnishing surfaces. Ariana Ceramica floors and linings combine a strong design aesthetic with state-of-the-art technical performance for contemporary and striking solutions.