Trend Alert: Tile Rugs

At Naturally Tiles we are loving the latest trend in ceramic flooring – tile rugs! This new design style combines the ancient art of mosaic with the structural focus a rug brings to a space. It’s a look can be created by combining single colour and patterned tiles of different colours, finishes, sizes or texture to add extra character or a subtle contrast.

This sophisticated trend works particularly well for those spaces where placing a rug would be impractical – in the kitchens, bathrooms, hallways or outdoor entertaining spaces. Creating a tile rug can achieve a stunning visual impact with a small or large design (or even multiple rugs) while retaining the convenience the tiles provide.

Marca Corona Essences Tile rugs
Fioranese Ceramica Cementine B&W
Fioranese Ceramica Cementine B&W

Through bringing in the extra texture or colour with a tile rug, you can transform any space by creating a touch of opulence and sophistication; or fun and playfulness. Tile rugs can be framed with a border, in order to emulate a traditional rug look or it can be borderless for a more contemporary and open feel.

Chose to make a bold statement or a more subdued tone-on-tone effect, alternate the colours or create intricate patterns with a variety of painted tiles to define the space. Whichever direction you decide to take, the result will be unique and bring additional character to an area.

Marca Corona Essence
Marca Corona Essence
Marca Corona NewLuxe

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