Trend Alert: Customising

We are taking customising to the next level here at Naturally Tiles this summer!

One of the most thrilling fashions in tile design right now, the customising trend allows you to tailor your spaces through mixing and matching different tiles within a range or line, in order to create a look unique to your home. The customised mix-and-match approach works not only within an entire room but also within individual areas in any room. This means that you can choose tiles of the same shape but with different designs, or the same finish but of different sizes. It works on floors and walls equally well, making a sensational statement.

At Naturally Tiles, we can advise you on the tile combinations, help you choose the right type of tile for your home and modify the right look for your particular space and needs. Whether you want a touch of European sophistication in your kitchen, a statement piece in your bathroom or a whole heap of fun in the outdoor entertaining area, we have the know-how and are happy to assist.

Quintessenza Minima

In another approach, you can create stunning effects by combining vastly different colours and finishes in a matching shape and size. Ceramics and wood? Why not? A high gloss black mixed with a satin stone finish pastel pink? Stunning! The amount of drama or subtlety is entirely up to you. Our showroom is full of inspiration and our experienced team is on hand to answer all your questions.


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If you’re loving any of these ideas and want to find out more, our superb team of designers, Heather and Patsy are here to help you. Whether it’s advice on technical aspects, design solutions or liaising with building contractors, we’re committed to getting the perfect tiles for you. Interior designers, architects or self-creators are all welcome – so get in touch with us today to talk tiles.