Introducing: Origami

Are you looking for ways to add some playfulness and a bit of edge to your interiors? We’ve got all the hottest trends covered with the new Origami range from Quintessenza Ceramiche which just landed in our showroom!

These 3D textured hexagonal glazed ceramic tiles from our Italian manufacturer Quintessenza Ceramiche add drama and energy to any interior. You can use them as subtle accents in just a few areas of a wall or you can dial things all the way up to a full feature wall or even a ceiling!

Origami looks stunning in a home or apartment kitchen or bathroom as well as in commercial spaces. This range comes in black or white, allowing for high-end monochromatic elegance or a bold and classic black-and-white combination that pays homage to optical illusions and the Op Art movement.

The raised texture tiles achieve stunning effects in those spaces where light travels throughout the day, creating bold varied shapes playing with shade and highlight. Rather dramatic!

As the name suggests, this collection takes its inspiration from the Japanese art of paper folding highlighting the sculptural nature of the stoneware. This bold tile is ideal for adding a contemporary feel to older interiors and for adding dimension to crisp contemporary areas. We love it!

Quintessenza Origami

The high-contrast geometric pattern trends continue to dominate in textile and homewares design and customisation continue to reign in the tile design domain. This stunning range allows you to kick things up a notch and create a jump-off-the-wall masterpiece in your home, cafe, store or office.

The Quintessenza’s core values of quality and care of the production process and creative design make this range a stand out.

Quintessenza Origami

Quintessenza Origami
Quintessenza Origami
Quintessenza Logo

Quintessenza Ceramiche is a young, dynamic company in the ceramics sector that was set up in 2013 and today, just 3 years on, it has proved itself to be a company of some renown, with an international reputation. Creativity, determination, enthusiasm and professionalism have enabled QC to achieve their aim: to create the evolution of a ceramic concept comprising tradition, elegance and aesthetic appeal

For the best results, always consult Design Consultants Heather or Patsy to ensure you are getting the perfect tiles for your requirements, whether tile size, combination, finish or functionality. Sometimes less is more, but a trained eye will help get a superb result every time.

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