Introducing: I Cocci

Fancy a trip to Italy? We’ve got the next best thing, a blend of classic terrazzo and contemporary granite Italian tiles in the brand new Fioranese I Cocci collection.

Terrazzo originated in 16th-century Italy as a way to use stone and marble offcuts. It’s such a classic style that we imagine that George and Amal’s floors of their Lake Como villa are paved in it! The inspiration for this particular collection comes from the terrazzo flooring recovered from an old country home in Romagna.

The collection includes two styles of tiles: terrazzo and natural stone finish, offering design flexibility. Whether you’re looking for a modern monochromatic look, or an artistic style reminiscent of classic Italian mosaics, it’s all encompassed in this stunning range.

Terrazzo Tile I Cocci

Not only is this a practical flooring option, the I Cocci collection also offers myriad design possibilities in colour, style, shape and finish. This gives you the opportunity to create a very personal design statement, be it a glamorous and sophisticated or a classic timeless interior.

This tile range is wonderfully versatile. Whether you’re in love with vintage industrial style – mixing antiques, wood and gilt with a stunning solid stone floor; or contemporary apartment design with sleek accessories, this collection will allow you to create truly magical interiors.

The colour palette encompasses elegant light stone, through to deep granite tones. Pale cool stone, mixed with clean lines creates an open relaxed vibe. The dark tiles lend an air of sophistication and magic. Once you start adding an accent pop, classic white or metallics, it becomes an incredible canvas to create with. Imagine a bathroom tiled in dark dramatic tiles with the white basin and bath accented with brass or chrome. Classic glamour!

If you’re looking for Italian inspiration, we found it in this contemporary Milan villa, Villa Necchi Campiglio.

Prepare to book your tickets to Italy, or if you can imagine this range in your home we’d love to see you at our showroom!

For the best results, always consult Design Consultants Heather or Patsy to ensure you are getting the perfect tiles for your requirements, whether tile size, combination, finish or functionality. Sometimes less is more, but a trained eye will help get a superb result every time.

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