Trend Alert: Herringbone

Our clients can‘t get enough of Herringbone – timeless, quietly elegant and extremely sophisticated.

With ranges from Quintessenz, and Marca Corona, it is the irresistible the design of moment! Whether you are laying classic European parquet floors or creating a splash-back detailing; Herringbone patterning is a time honoured design that brings a geometric flow to any room.

The Herringbone pattern has been traced back to Ancient Egyptian jewellery worn by the elite. The earliest herringbone fabrics were found in Ancient Italy and the strong interlocking pattern is famously known from the Roman Empire roading.

Its simple interlocking graphic pattern lends to a enduring and elegant design. Bringing the perfect touch of practical and a pop of classic detail as one.

Fioranese Wood Mood

Combining a more natural appearance with the variety of pattern effects and colour combinations creates a sense of craft and care – a human touch – where lines are imperfect and the colour isn’t uniform across the wall or floor. The unique design can be further utilised by either repeating the shapes or combining them into larger areas of shapes for a dramatic impression.

Quintessenza Fuoricitta

The brass and black tiles complement on-trend brass fixtures and deliver a coherent, elegant look when used as colour accent across a larger space. The long lean tile design lends itself perfectly to creating classic herringbone patterns which can be monochromatic or highly contrasting, depending on preference. The textural display adds the contemporary twist to the old favourite.

The latest international expositions and showrooms we’ve been keeping an eye on confirm that the use of tiles which convey movement and energy, strong patterning and unique personalised design is set to continue into the 2018 and beyond. The Fuoricittà collection manufacturer – Quintessenza Ceramiche – adds another superb, quality range to their already extensive offering and we love showing these to our customers and working with them to dream up designs and create the perfect space.

Quintessenza Fuoricitta
Quintessenza Fuoricitta
Marca Corona Logo
For the best results, always consult Design Consultants Heather or Patsy to ensure you are getting the perfect tiles for your requirements, whether tile size, combination, finish or functionality. Sometimes less is more, but a trained eye will help get a superb result every time.

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