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The Dance of the Waves

Marea was born on the uncertain border that separates the sky from the water, blurred by the dance of the waves. It is a minimalist, collection with a meticulous, sculptural three-dimensionality, full of vibrant energy and inspired by the cyclical, moon-driven motion of the sea. Marea is a wall tile with a white enamel body, available in 6 different colours that offer refined, contemporary combinations, which are anything but clichéd.
Three formats and two finishes that are easy to combine and make the collection rich and versatile thanks to a multitude of expressive possibilities. Contrasting gloss/matt surfaces alternate in an undulating choreography fixed forever in ceramics.


Finish: Matte & Gloss
Material: Porcelain
Dimensions: 75x300mm
Thickness: 9mm

  • Bianco Marea Matt

  • Rosa Marea Matt

  • Salvia Marea Matt

  • Blu Marea Matt

  • Porpora Marea Matt

  • Nero Marea Matt

  • Bianco Alta-Marea Matt

  • Rosa Alta-Marea Matt

  • Salvia Alta-Marea Matt

  • Blu Alta-Marea Matt

  • Porpora Alta-Marea Matt

  • Nero Alta-Marea Matt

  • Bianco Bassa-Marea Gloss

  • Rosa Bassa-Marea Gloss

  • Salvia Bassa-Marea Gloss

  • Blu Bassa-Marea Gloss

  • Porpora Bassa-Marea Gloss

  • Nero Bassa-Marea Gloss

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