Multiforme by Marca Corona

Floor & Wall Tiles

Made in Italy

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The floor and wall coverings series Multiforme invites you to play with elements to create new expression possibilities. Inspired by the world of resins and cements, its name already tells of its nature and purpose: combine different decorative elements to create new original solutions.


Finish: Matte & Grip
Material: Porcelain
Dimensions: 300x600mm 600x600mm 800x800mm 600x1200mm 1200x1200mm
Thickness: 9mm

  • Calce

  • Pearla

  • Mica

  • Malta

  • Carbone

  • Acquario

  • Lichene


Finish: Matte
Material: Porcelain
Tessere Volto: 380x315mm
Bandiera: 289x338mm
Thickness: 9mm

  • Salvia Tessere Volto

  • Artico Tessere Volto

  • Artico & Oceano Bandiera

  • Muschio Tessere Volto

  • Oceano Tessere Volto

  • Salvia & Muschio Bandiera

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