Sound of Marbles by Fioranese

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Made in Italy

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Marble provides the inspiration for this series, with its marked, elegant veining effects.
Fioranese rethinks marble as an element to be taken apart, fragmented and pieced together again in an interplay of lines and forms, with original colour combinations that bring a sensation of movement to walls and spaces. In addition to the classic white, black, beige and pink, Fioranese offers an intense green shade, for those looking for a striking, distinctive look.
The modern soul of this marble-effect porcelain stoneware is reflected in the colour combinations and shapes designed by Neropaco for Fioranese. Cuts, diagonal lines and curves mix on the same tile size, creating a variety of decorations that add value to the whole collection. There are six geometric shapes that can be combined with the base tiles or with each other to create delightful compositions with an original, new-look design.


Finish: Matte & Polished
Material: Porcelain
Dimensions: 300x600mm 600x600mm 740x740mm 740x1480mm
Thickness: 9mm

  • Beige Antico

  • Rosa Cipria

  • Nero Fondo

  • Verde Intenso

  • Screziato Vivace


Finish: Polished
Material: Porcelain
Dimensions: 300x600mm 740x1480mm
Thickness: 9mm
Variation: 18 assorted patterns

  • Fiomood Nero

  • Fiomood Verde

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